Corvallis Photo Walk Wrap-Up

09 Corvallis Photowalk for blog-10 I just have to say – that was a heck of a lot of fun.

09 Corvallis Photowalk for blog-1Saturday’s Corvallis Photo Walk – part of Scott Kelby’s 2nd Annual Worldwide Photo Walk – was great!  We had 20+ folks from Corvallis, Junction City, and Eugene – and one from England who happened to be in town for business.

The Corvallis walk started at 8AM at New Morning Bakery – and headed directly to the Farmers Market.  As it turns out – we could have spent 2 hours in one location with all of the photos there (hmmm…. maybe next year… hey, Scott – by chance are you planning a 3rd Annual…?).

Then we turned toward the Courthouse on our way to the 09 Corvallis Photowalk for blog-11edge of daVinci Days – where we found another treasure chest of images.  After that – a stroll back to the waterfront – and at around that 10 o’clock hour – folks starting trickling back into New Morning Bakery for stories and photo sharing.

So – a huge Thanks! to all of the folks who joined the Corvallis Walk – and Thanks! to all of the folks over there at the Kelby headquarters who pulled this together.  They somehow managed 900 walks around the globe that included something like 30,000+ photographers.

And for more from Saturday – it looks like Scott is posting links to Photo Walk videos on his website – including one from David duChemin (yeah – it looks like David pulled out all the stops – how cool is that?).

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