B-17G Flying Fortress: Nine O Nine

b17 for blog-4 This B-17G Flying Fortress (one of an estimated 15 still flying), the Nine O Nine, was on hand at the Wings of Freedom tour in Corvallis last week.  And I almost missed it.

The event was to start at 2PM on Wednesday.  I arrived near 2:30PM to folks staring at a parking lot of Cessnas – not really prime WWII airplane viewing conditions.

As it turns out, the planes were arriving from Redding, CA – but were slowed by cloud cover.

Somewhere after 3PM – the P-51 took a victory lap over town and landed.  A few photos later – and it was back up in the air with a client on board.wwII airplanes - corvallis - 10 June 2008-4

An hour or so later – the B-24J Liberator could be heard in the distance and was soon on the ground and parked.  The tour officially began as folks could finally walk up to a plane.b17 for blog-3

At around 5:3oPM – after some waffling (wait for B-17 or try later?) and a quick call to Jeff (a local pilot) – I was off to the north end of the runway and a 20 minute wait.

As it turns out – both the B-17 and B-24 take long low approaches (another tip from Jeff).  By waiting on the road at the approaching side of the runway – I was able to get a few photos of the landing plane (a thought planted by another photographer earlier in the afternoon).  After the plane was on the ground – I zipped back over for a few last shots.

Bottom line:  if you have any interest in WWII aircraft – check out the Wings of Freedom tour.  Their schedule can be found here.

(and here are the previous posts on the B-24J and the P-51C)

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b17 for blog-1

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