B-24J Liberator

b24 for blog-1One of only three flying B-24’s – this plane is also part of the Wings of Freedom tour.  Previously, I posted on the P-51C Mustang, also part of this group.

On hand at the Corvallis stopover was Carl Gustafson – a former WWII B-24 nose gunner.  Both the Corvallis Gazette Times and Corvallis Tid Bits have more on Gustafson and the three day event.

The B-24J, to be honest, was worth the price of admission.  Folks were able to walk through the plane – in through the tail section and then out through a bomb bay door.  As there weren’t all that many folks on hand – I was able to step inside a couple of times to get photos.

b24 for blog-12Now the question: photographically – how do you add to the already excellent body of work on B-24’s – and WWII aircraft in general?

The answer: frankly, I’m not sure current photographer can add a whole lot to what’s out there (some will agree – some will disagree with me here).

My solution? Have fun – and just take some  photos.  Worse case scenario: fill up a few memory cards and spend an afternoon brushing up on some history.

b24 for blog-7

b24 for blog-9 b24 for blog-6

4 thoughts on “B-24J Liberator”

  1. Real nice job on the B-24. I’ve been soaking up this stuff for 50 years. You chose a great, toned-down, vintage effect. Color doesn’t look right for these old planes. Your shot of the engine and main gear is elegant.


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