P-51C Mustang: Betty Jane

p51 for blog-2The “Betty Jane”, a P-51C Mustang owned by the Collings Foundation, landed on Wednesday afternoon as part of the Wings of Freedom Tour that features a trio of WWII era aircraft.  The tour, in its 20th year, is visiting Corvallis for a few days, and has the P-51, a B-17, and a B-24.

Packing for the shoot – I was undecided – so I threw in three lenses – the Lensbaby, the 24mm, and the 70-200mm (attached to the camera).  For the P-51, I used the LB and the 70-200mm.

The B&W image is a panoramic of 8 or so images from the LB.  Now, to be honest, I don’t know what f/stop this was shot at – as I didn’t have an aperture disc in the lens.  It’s essentially the native aperture of the lens – maybe f/1.4?  I haven’t measured it.  I got the idea from another photographer’s images – though they didn’t specifically say they weren’t using an aperture ring – I wasn’t sure how else they were getting such narrow depth of field – and I just simply decided to try it.  This image was stitched in Elements 6 – and tweaked in Lightroom 2.

p51 for blog-3And if you happen to know the native aperture  for the Lensbaby Composer – please let me know in the comments below.  Thanks.p51 for blog-1

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