Book Review: Canon 50D – From Snapshots to Great Shots

It seems lately that the books just keep flowing.

Today – I have the recently released Canon 50D – From Snapshots to Great Shots by Jeff Revell.  Jeff is a 25+ year pro and is also the writer behind Photowalk Pro Blog – a good blog to have in your RSS reader.

50d book coverHis new book is a solid introduction to the 50D and a guide to help you get comfortable with the custom options locked inside the little black box.

Now Revell explains more that just buttons, menu trees, and photography rules – he walks his reader through shoots.  For example – Revell introduces action photography – and then explains how to set up your camera to get the best results with a specific subject and set of conditions in mind.  He then follows that up with a topic specific assignment.  The gem here is that he’s only talking about the 50D – and can take you straight to the buttons and menus you need to be successful.

Q: S0 – who’s the audience?

A: If you happen to have a 50D and are new to DSLR’s – or if your camera is still set to the factory default settings – this book could really help you get more out of your camera.

Q: Anybody else?

A: If you’re jumping to the 50D and are not yet comfortable with it – this book just might help with that “aha” moment – and teach you how to better attack a range of shooting environments.

Q: Experienced photographers?

A: Likely not.  If you’re comfortable flipping through the menus, understand spot metering, have already experimented with curtain sync, and after a bit of shooting you’re still waffling on the benefit of the Auto Lighting Optimizer – you may not be a candidate for this book.

Now that said – I did enjoy picking through some of Jeff’s tips.  A guy with this much shooting experience – as you might imagine – has some great photography insights.

Bottom line – if you have a 50D – and you’re fairly fresh to DSLR photography or still uncertain about all those buttons – this book could really help you get more comfortable with your camera.

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