Places to Find Photo Gear Reviews

Whenever I’m asked about a particular piece of gear – or if I’m considering a purchase of my own – I tend to use a few resources time and time again to help in my data-gathering stage.

In no particular order – with some explanation:

  • DPReview: These folks have been around for a while and they have a great camera database.  They are now starting to piece together a lens collection – but it’s fairly small right now.  Their thriving forums add to the richness of this site.
  • Photozone: The definitive site, in my opinion, for lens review information.  Their data driven glass reviews anchor my down-select process.  Couple this with the tabulated user feedback – and this is a very useful site.
  • Steve’s Digicams: A classic site that can add a lot of information to your search.
  • PopPhoto and Outdoor Photographer:  Magazines that cover a lot of cameras, printers, and accessories in their reviews.
  • CNET: Now I realize CNET reviews pretty much anything that uses electricity – but its broad swath can really be helpful.
  • This idea of reviews by the masses for the masses has some merit – and can help tip the buyer of particular trends.

In my experience, the big missing includes updated consolidated film scanner reviews.  If you know of one – or if you have any other personal favorite photo gear review sites – please leave them in the comments below.

Please tell us what you think.

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