Trio of Photography Business Books

In my backlog of books, I found I had three photography business-centric books that I had not yet reviewed and thought they would combine well into a single post.

Each of these books has a distinct angle that I think the reader will find valuable.  I’m not persuaded that any one of these would be the “perfect” book – and instead I think each compliments the other two.  That said – I don’t think there’s a need to run out and buy all three.

Starting with the most recently published:

The Photographer’s Survival Guide by Suzanne Sease and Amanda Sosa Stone

guide The newest book of the bunch focuses on growing a successful photography business through marketing – not surprising as Sease has been an art buyer and is now a creative consultant – helping photographers understand advertising agencies – and Sosa Stone, after a degree in photography, has also been an art buyer and is now, too, a consultant to photographers.

The authors mostly assume you already have a photography business – and they want to help you take the next step to get others excited about your work, too.

It’s a fairly quick read – at around 200 pages – and also adds a CD with 21 forms and templates for the photographer to leverage.

Best Business Practices for Photographers by John Harrington

best I’ve mentioned this book previously – but have not yet talked too much about it.  If there were a first book of these three to purchase – this might be it.  There’s a little bit of everything in here – but the differentiator is the case studies.  Harrington has included actual contracts, emails with clients, and forms for the reader to study.

If you’re thinking about going “pro” – this book will get you thinking about the nuts and bolts behind the jump.

How to Start a Home-Based Photography Business by Kenn Oberrecht

photo biz This was the first photography business book I read.  Its strength is in its simplicity.  Oberrecht writes clearly and concisely focusing specifically on those details of starting a photography business in your home.

And, in this list, you could probably add Fast Track Photographer – but I’ve already reviewed that book here.

Please tell us what you think.

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