Yaquina Bay Bridge: Newport, OR

Newport OR - 17 May 2009 - low res for blog-3 The Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport is an iconic Oregon bridge – making it well photographed.  It was completed in 1936 and designed by Conde McCullough – a former Oregon State University professor.

I’ve pointed my camera more than once at this bridge – but have seldom come away with much worth sharing.  This last weekend – while in Newport for a quick family day trip – thought I’d try again.

What the heck – it’s only pixels…

From the upper deck of a small shopping center – the one with the kite shop (if you’ve been to downtown Newport – you likely know the place) – I was able to get a pretty good view of the bridge fading into the fog.  And then for fun – I thought I’d wait for seagulls to fly through the frame – to add some contrast.  After about 40 clicks – I figured I either had the shot or I didn’t.  A little crop and some B&W…Newport OR - 17 May 2009 - low res for blog-1

At the other end of town – the boardwalk parallels the boats – and this fishing boat was moving around the marina.  Interesting enough – where we were standing – the sky was blue and the sun was out – but the bridge was still in fog.  The telephoto lens + the B&W conversion compressed the image – giving the impression that everything was blanketed with fog – I think I like it.  Newport OR - 17 May 2009 - low res for blog-2

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