OHSUR 2009

The UPA Oregon High School Ultimate Championships were held here in Corvallis yesterday – and, fortunately, I was able to shoot most of the games.

ohsur 2009 - low res for blog-6 ohsur 2009 - low res for blog-5Five Open teams traveled from Portland (1), Eugene (3), and Dallas (1) to play in a round robin style tournament.  At the end of the day, Churchill HS walked out with 1st place, South Eugene HS took 2nd, and first year team, Jesuit HS, took home the SOTG (Spirit of the Game) trophy – given to the team that best exemplifies sportsmanship throughout the tournament.

A full tournament write up can be found here.  The gallery I posted for the players can be found here.

As for the photography?  Well – it was the 50D + the 70-200mm f/4 L.  And I have to admit – I’m beginning to really like those 6+ fps.

ohsur 2009 - low res for blog-1But – I did find that I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the custom in-camera Picture Style settings that I had previously selected – which are much more important for JPEG than RAW (about the only time I shoot JPEG is for sports – as it helps with fps and buffer).  Though I was able to touch up a bit in LR – a lot of the images were just a bit saturated for my taste – even though I had most everything set to +/- 0 or –1 in the Picture Style menu (I like very neutral images off the camera).  Not a show stopper – but something to keep tuning (and to monitor).ohsur 2009 - low res for blog-3

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