Flashback: Nikon Coolpix 880

nikon 880 My first digital camera was the Nikon Coolpix 880 in 2000.  Before then – it was just me and the Canon Rebel G.  Truth be told – had I known about it – I probably would have saved my pennies for the Canon PowerShot G1.  But – I didn’t.

Fast forward to 2009 – and I haven’t shot a frame of film in something like 5 years.  It’s been all DSLR’s, frames per second, and low light capability.

Billy window-4But not in 2000.

No, in 2000, it was shutter lag and 3MP – there was no RAW – only jpg and tiff.  And we liked it that way!  (OK – maybe not – I just didn’t know any better.)

The ISO range was 100, 200, and 400 – but 400 wasn’t really a good idea.  And it took compact flash cards.  I had a couple of them – my “big” card was a whopping 256MB.

The Nikon 880 was definitely small and easily fit in a jacket pocket.  It shot movie clips – with no sound.  Not sure why – it just didn’t.

The image quality – overall – was pretty good for digital P&S’s of the day.  But it was always a little “hot” – the reds were typically really red.

clear lake butte lookout-4The picture up top of Billy Lanham, local blues musician, was shot in downtown Albany (Oregon).  If I remember correctly – the session was primarily in film – and this was a sort of “hey, what the heck – try this…”.

The tower is actually a vertical panorama (2 images) of the Clear Lake Butte fire lookout tower – rentable in winter within the Mt Hood National Forest.  We had snow shoed in for a quick overnight trip.  As for blending the images – if I recall – it was likely some free HP software available at the time.

And this last image of Isaac and Danielle was from my first crack at wedding / engagement photography – back in 2002.

engagement photo-4

In short – the 880 was my introduction to digital photography – and to Adobe Elements.  Neither did I gain much proficiency in at the time.  Somewhere along the way, though, I saw the Canon 10D – and was hooked.  When the 20D was announced – I pre-ordered it the next day.

So – what happened to that little shooter?  Well – it met Mr. Dremel one night in hopes that I could get the IR filter out and turn it into a dedicated IR camera.  The lens never quite worked after that.

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