Tea Party 2009: Corvallis, Oregon

Tea Party low res-17 And so it was – on Tax Day 2009 – “tea parties” were scheduled across the United States.  At last count – from what I could tell – more than 2000 cities had signed up to host a local event.  From my (very rough) estimates, the Corvallis demonstration had about 200 sign waving people on the Benton County Courthouse sidewalk.

My personal goals for the rally included:

  • Get a few pictures of people with signs.
  • Try not to get run over by a Honda Fit.
  • Chat with folks. Tea Party low res-9
  • Have fun.

And I’m here to report – goals accomplished.  Though – two Honda Fits (within a span of about 15 seconds) passed within just a couple of feet of my lens while I crouched down trying to get a shot.  My bad.  Seriously, when you’re shooting – be careful – and know what’s happening around you.

To read more on the 2009 Tea Party – lopsided coverage of the nationwide event is pretty easy to find – but, if you’re interested, there’s an overview article on CNN.  As for more Corvallis specific coverage – here’s the GT article.

As for the panoramic – 15 images stitched together.  The challenge?  I had to keep shooting any one image and hope  that I could get it without a car driving in front of the protesters (there were already parked cars – didn’t need more).   Mostly worked – I only had to take out one floating bumper + hood.

Tea Party low res pan-1

Tea Party low res-6

Tea Party low res-16

3 thoughts on “Tea Party 2009: Corvallis, Oregon”

  1. That was great. I’m glad to hear you got to go. I really wanted to go to the Corvallis rally but I was so tired after the Salem event and we had to pick up kids at 2:10pm, 3:45pm, drop off at 5:30pm and pick up again at 8pm. It was a long day. Maybe we’ll catch you at the next one!


  2. I attended this tea party and was very pleased at the turn out. You took some great pictures especially the “Don’t Tax Me Bro” which was my favorite. I encourage anyone who attended to go to the912project.com for more information regarding the constitution, our founding fathers, and how you can get involved. If you agree with the 9 principles and 12 values, join with the more than 577,000 other Americans who do and let your voice be heard!


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