Barcelona: Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia for blog-1OK – a little late – but here’s my second post from the Barcelona trip – and we’re talking about the unfinished cathedral – Sagrada Familia – designed by architect Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926), a devoted Catholic known for his Modernist style (Art Nouveau).  This cathedral – too big for an easy description – has been under construction since 1882 and is expected to be completed in 2026.  While Gaudi also designed Barcelona’s Casa Mila and Casa Batllo – Sagrada Familia is his defining work.

After looking at the lift lines on my first visit to Sagrada Familia – I decided to stay at the ground floor and snap a few pictures – but my coworker in Spain insisted, that if I had the chance, Sagrada Familia for blog-3to return and tour the upper floors of the cathedral.  So, I made a second visit, waited in the lift line, paid my two euros (or something like that), and stepped out up top.

And I’m glad I did.

Looking back – I can’t really pinpoint what was so memorable – but I just really enjoyed experiencing more of the architecture from the inside, the Barcelona views, the history, and the chance to see more work in various stages of “done”.

It was well worth the second trip.

Some challenges and some missed opportunities:

In my “light and fast” travel kit – I only had the 20D + prime lens (Canon 24mm f/2. 8 ) – making it difficult to pick off some of the details.Sagrada Familia for blog-2

Second – from up top – it’s possible to shoot from the windows – making a polarizer helpful.  However – between the windows is a dimly lit tower interior – where a polarizer isn’t helpful.  And so it was – a few shots with the filter – and a few shots without the filter – a few shots with it on … but – overall – glad I had the filter.

And, as you might imagine, capturing the “big” aspect of a project like this on film is a challenge.  I wish I’d grabbed some frames with a plan to stitch them together later.  But – I didn’t.

Oh – and one more thing – I wish I’d thought about putting the whole place in context with the people / tourists better.  Rats.

But – if you’re in Barcelona – and you’re visiting the Sagrada Familia – I highly recommend the lift.  Just give yourself some time to stand in line.

Sagrada Familia for blog-4Sagrada Familia for blog-7 Sagrada Familia for blog-5

Sagrada Familia for blog-6

Sagrada Familia for blog-9

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