Book Review: Fast Track Photographer

Fast Track OK – another book review.  Yesterday, was McNally’s Hot Shoe Diaries – and today we’re talking about Dane Sander’s Fast Track Photographer.

And though the premise is to make you a standout wedding photographer – this is a read for all photographers serious about taking it the next level.

Dane’s bottom line is that the product you’re selling is you.  Yes – good photos are important – and he assumes you have that – but he also knows that new business and referrals depend on you.  To that, he introduces the photographer’s DNA (pDNA) assessment tool – but his use of “DNA” is far from Watson and Crick’s DNA.  Instead, each letter points to a process phase to help you better understand your style, strengths, and gaps (D = discovery, N = negotiation, A = activation) – think of it as a sort of photo-centric Myers-Briggs test.

After the pDNA tool – Dane compares and contrasts two business approaches: Freelance Photographer and Signature Brand Photographer.  And though he gives props to both – he does write persuasively to seriously consider the Signature Brand route.

This book is also filled with great cross references to other top notch wedding photographers – such as David Jay, Jasmine Star, and Mike Colon.  All good stuff.

Bottom line – this is a quick 200p page read and is highly recommended if you’re looking to make the jump to pro photographer – regardless of your intended route.  Dane’s insight into the business, easy writing style, and copious examples really make this a tough book to skip.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Fast Track Photographer”

  1. Great Post! This book has helped me so much become who I am today and the book leaves you in such a great place of wanting to start building yourself the next day! Dane has an amazing heart to help others and his weekly Ask Dane blog is so amazing!


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