Barcelona: Las Ramblas

from a Baroque era churchAbout two years ago, it was off to Barcelona for the day job.  Spent just under a week there – and had some time to get downtown for a few shots.

As there’s quite a bit to share photographically from the trip – I’ll split these images into a few posts.

This first group is from the famous downtown area simply known as Las Ramblas.  One might consider it a city hub more than a street – as it’s filled with food, shopping, street entertainers, and people watching.  And if that’s not enough, there’s more food, shopping, street entertainers, and people watching in the surrounding blocks.  If you’re in Barcelona – you don’t want to miss this.  And while you’re walking – there are plenty of other points of interest – including La Boqueria, the Columbus Monument, and the harbor.  artists

And the gear? The 20D, 24mm f/2.8, a snug neoprene wrap for the camera / lens combo, and a circular polarizer.  The bag?  A (discontinued) Patagonia sling bag stuffed with an extra t-shirt to pad the camera.  This entire kit is lightweight and has room for a water bottle, tour guide, phrase book, map, and a few trinkets picked up along the way.

Another reason I like this kit: for airplane travel the camera will fit into my office bag (along with laptop, notes, books, and what-not) and the sling bag will pack flat into the clothes bag – using essentially no space.  This allows me to have a discreet camera bag once I’m on the streets – and maximizes my carry-on capabilities.

Bottom line: I enjoyed Barcelona.  Of the big towns I’ve had the opportunity to visit in the world – it’s one of my rambla-3

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