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If you happen to write a blog – you understand the value of spam filters.  And if you happen to write a blog – you understand that it’s important to periodically go through your spam folder “just in case”.  Well, this is one of those “just in case” moments.  Back in late February, it seems, Dave Seeram, Editor and Publisher of PhotographyBB, dropped me a friendly note asking me to pass along a press release to Camera47 readers.

And I just found it – two weeks later.  Rats.

So, I encourage you to keep reading and to check out his magazine.  Articles in the February issue include:

  • How to Get Your Photos Published
  • Understanding Histograms
  • Photography 101: Concert Photography
  • Lightroom’s Develop Module: Top Ten Tips!
  • The Industry Insider: an interview with Mark Goldstein of PhotographyBLOG

The magazine tips in at 50 pages and is well worth the price tag.  Links below – enjoy.

VANCOUVER, CANADA: PhotographyBB announced today, the release of the 13th edition of the PhotographyBB Magazine Online. The PhotographyBB Magazine Online, now into its second year of publication has grown into a leading resource for beginner to intermediate digital photographers. Each issue offers information such as digital photography techniques, DSLR camera function training, image post processing tutorials in Adobe® Photoshop™, and RAW processing in Photoshop Lightroom™.

issue13_coverThe February 2009 release features techniques on shooting concert photography along with issues to consider when shooting in concert environments, a photographic view of skiing in Italy, and an article for the aspiring pro-photographer entitled “How to Get Your Photos Published.”

Editor in Chief, Dave Seeram had these comments regarding this recent release:

“This issue marks a major milestone for PhotographyBB; our one year anniversary issue. Our team has worked so hard over the past 12 months with their informative and thoughtful contributions to the magazine, and the reader feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s a pleasure to be able to provide a free resource to the digital photography community, and to guide those who are just getting started with digital photography. All of the authors are avid digital photography enthusiasts who have such different perspectives on issues concerning the digital photographer, that we end up with a great mix of articles with every release.”

By way of download in either PDF or ZIP formats, PhotographyBB continues its trend through the future of free downloadable magazine distribution. In a completely ad-free format, each issue contains informative and educational tutorials for amateur and intermediate level photographers.

PhotographyBB Online Magazine is available for free download through the PhotographyBB Website at:

PhotographyBB was founded in Oct, 2006, and is a division of PowerButton Central (2004). For more information, visit the PhotographyBB website at: by email at: or Twitter: PhotographyBB

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