Lightroom: Vignettes Post-Crop Tool

If you use Lightroom – Matt Kloskowski’s Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips blog should be in your RSS crop edge effects-13 It’s filled with tips, tricks, videos, and some great presets.

Matt’s Friday entry had a video comparing both of Lightroom’s vignette tools.  The Lens Correction tool was introduced in LR1 and the Post-Crop tool introduced in LR2.  Matt makes the observation that it’s difficult to get a natural looking vignette with the new Post-Crop tool.

My experience has been the same – and, in turn, I mostly use Lens Correction.  But after reading Matt’s entry and the posted comments – it looks as if a lot of folks out there are seeing the same thing.  So, I thought I’d just share a couple of methods I stumbled onto (through some knob turning) to re-purpose the Post-Crop tool.  I don’t have clever names for either technique – so let’s just call one Frames and the other Corners (witty, eh?).

I generally prefer Frames over Corners – but I include both here for completeness.

Here are the slider settings to create Frames with Post-Crop:

  • Amount: –100
  • Mid Point: 0
  • Roundness: –88
  • Feather: 0

And for Corners:

  • Amount: –100
  • Mid Point: 88
  • Roundness: –50
  • Feather: 0

Hope that helps.

As for the cars, they were part of a vintage display at the 2007 Portland International Auto Show.

post crop edge effects-14

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