2009 Portland International Auto Show

2009 PDX Auto Show for blog-1Looking back on my photo archives – I’ve attended the Portland International Auto Show since 2004.  And if my memory serves me correctly, I went a time or two before that.  Either way, when it’s that auto show time of year, I try to leave the cube for a day and scoot on up to Portland2009 PDX Auto Show for blog-3 with a few other guys.  We try to go on the first day of the show, Thursday, as it’s far less crowded than on the weekend.  In years past – we’ve also made a bit of a tradition to eat at Campbell’s BBQ on Powell (though we didn’t make it over there this year).  Good stuff.

2009’s show was visibly scaled back over previous years and I don’t recall a single concept car.   This show is not the size of the Detroit, New York, or Los Angeles auto shows – but typically there’s at least one or two concept cars.

So, why have I made it an unofficial annual trek?  Twofold, really.

2009 PDX Auto Show for blog-6 First, I’m not really a “car guy” – but it’s a great reason to take the day off from work with friends with the side benefit of crawling through new cars – just to kick the tires – as they say.  Second, cars on the floor of an auto show are really difficult to photograph.

2009 PDX Auto Show for blog-5 Most folks have seen good car photography – it’s everywhere in advertising.  Now, imagine the challenge to grab a reasonable image of a car sitting on a convention center floor, with crazy lighting, people everywhere, and someone behind the wheel making vroom-vroom sounds.

2009 PDX Auto Show for blog-4

Typically, my favorite lens for this venue is the Canon 24mm f/2.8.  It’s wide, fast, sharp, and I just zoom with my feet.  And, again, that lens was in my bag.  But this year, I added the Lensbaby – just for fun.  And after a lot of sputtering – there were a few reasonable images from the day.  I don’t think Car & Driver will be calling anytime soon – but they’re OK to share with friends. 2009 PDX Auto Show for blog-2

This year, there was an exhibit with a few cars representing each decade – going back 100 years.  Very cool.  We didn’t find the exhibit until after lunch – but that’s where I took the most images.

And the cars?  In order: Nissan, Maserati (if I remember correctly), 1946 Dodge, 1913 Case, 1953 Ferrari, and Dodge Viper.

2 thoughts on “2009 Portland International Auto Show”

  1. Dude,

    I know I’m not the sharpest tool on the computer but it wasn’t obvious to me how I linked to the photos from this years auto show. Maybe a big bright red button saying “click here to see photos from the auto show you dummy”. BTW, I really like your website, it is very professional. I know that someday you’ll get a big break and when you do I’ll be able to say that I knew you when you were a dude in a cube.


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