Rugby: Washington vs. Oregon State

My apologies – but PC challenges left me unable to post images to Camera 47 for two weeks – but I think we’re mostly up and running now.

Had a chance to shoot the University of Washington vs. Oregon State University rugby match on Saturday, 7 February.   This was the first match I’d attended – and hopefully it won’t be my last.  It was a lot of fun.  On this day, the Beavers lost 20-15 after a great run in the second half of the game.

If you have a university close by – they likely have a rugby team  If you like to shoot sports / action – give it a try.  A couple of things I noted:

  • It’s a big field.  In turn, there’s a bit of waiting for action to come to you.
  • Some of my best shots were looking down field – instead of from the sidelines.
  • Rugby is a game of ball movement.  The play may start on one side of the field – but there’s a good chance it will finish on the other side.  See first point – it’s a wide field.
  • Take a lot of pictures.  It’s a pretty fast game once it’s in motion.

And I didn’t get an opportunity to study “classic” rugby pictures before I went out there – so I was kind of just winging it.  Here are a few from the afternoon.UW vs OSU Rugby-1

UW vs OSU Rugby-2

UW vs OSU Rugby-3

UW vs OSU Rugby-5

UW vs OSU Rugby-10

UW vs OSU Rugby-4

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