Blog Bits: Wednesday 11 February 2009

And welcome to Camera 47’s fiftieth post.

I have a few shoots on the stovetop right now – but until they’re ready to serve – thought I’d pass along some notes from around the web:

  • Check out the “New York Photography Blog” – some great B&W images from the country’s largest city by Dave Beckerman.
  • And while we’re talking B&W – the Ditigal Photography School blog talks about creating high contrast B&W in Lightroom.
  • For you folks on the fence between JPG and RAW – DPReview talks a bit about Raw Headroom.
  • David Bergman talks about how he made his 1,474MP image at the presidential inauguration.
  • David was using the recently released Gigapan imager.
  • For you outdoor folks – check out the just announced Timex WS4.
  • Another Lightroom tip for you pano folks – a clever printing method from the PhotoWalkPro blog.
  • And if you lose your camera – Photojojo reports on the “I Found Your Camera” blog.  Bottom line – someone out there might be trying to connect you with your misplaced gear.

Please tell us what you think.

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