The Svens: more Cowboy Surf Poetry

The Svens played again tonight at Bombs Away Cafe – located on Monroe – next to the university.Svens - 31 Jan - outside - low res-1

This was the third gig I’ve shot at Bombs – and each time – as hard as it is to imagine – the lighting gets worse.  Seriously.  This time it was some funky mix of rope lighting (wrapped around the branches hanging from the ceiling) and those red / blue covered industrial work lights.

Brought along three lenses:  24mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.8, and the Lensbaby @  f/2.8.  After getting a few shots inside – I tried some from the outside looking in behind the band.

Still have quite a bit to review and get spiffy – but I just wanted to throw a few images from the sidewalk your way.

Update (8 March 2009): The Svens now have their own home on the web.  Go check ’em out.

Svens - 31 Jan - outside - low res-2

Svens - 31 Jan - outside - low res-4Svens - 31 Jan - outside - low res-5

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