50 Million Lost Rally: Wrap Up

50 Million Lost - more - low res-4Shooting a rally like this can be enjoyable and rewarding.  If you’re thinking about attending a rally/protest/event with camera in hand – here are a few general tips to consider:

  1. Be confident with your camera.  A lot is going on around you – it’s hardly the time to be futzing with the aperture setting.
  2. If possible, talk with the volunteers and police officers working the event.  They know, typically, what’s going on and who’s who.
  3. Be polite.  No explanation needed here.50 Million Lost - more - low res-2
  4. Look for contrasts and try to capture both sides of the story.
  5. Have your gear ready to go.  Have memory, extra battery, lens cloth, and anything else you might need close at hand – and a place to stash full memory cards and depleted batteries.  In other words – have a system that works for you.
  6. Know what’s happening around you.  This is especially important if it’s a protest.  If you see riot gear – remember #2 – and try to keep a safe distance.  Of course, there was no riot gear this last Sunday. 50 Million Lost - more - low res-3
  7. Have a plan – but be flexible.  It’s OK to scrap or modify it once you arrive, if necessary, but have a starting idea. 

And to be honest, I missed a few shots from the 50 Million Lost rally.  First, I wish I had taken a series of shots for a panorama that would have captured folks from the pro-life rally and the protestors facing each other across a downtown street.  Also, I should have been more diligent to document the speakers and worship band (Portland Praise Band).

Finally, I’d like to say thanks for the kind words from the folks at Oregon Right to Life and Vocal who took the time to comment on the first post in this series.  More photos from the event (photographer unknown) and transcripts of the speeches can be found here.

50 Million Lost - more - low res-5

50 Million Lost - more - low res-1

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