50 Million Lost Rally: Portland, OR

50 Million Lost - low res-9


Drove up to Portland on Sunday to shoot the 50 Million Lost Rally from 2-3 PM in Pioneer Courthouse Square.  The rally was to recognize the 50 million lives lost to abortion since the Roe v. Wade ruling in January 1973.  Police working the rally estimated the crowd at 5000 or so.

A pleasant day in Portland for mid-January.  Clear, blue skies and probably mid-40’s with a bit of breeze.

50 Million Lost - low res-4 As you might imagine, a rally this large for one voice draws an opposing voice – and sure enough, there were 50 or so protestors (my guess) talking up the other view.   Originally, they were behind the crowd, but the police had them move to the other side of the street.

Not sure who the band / group was that opened / closed the rally – but they were enjoyable.  The speakers were also good – but I couldn’t find a speaker list to post here in the blog (though I was able to get photos of many of them).

Surprisingly, I didn’t bump into too many photographers – only 6 or 8 others – and I imagine one of those was probably from The Oregonian.

50 Million Lost - low res-6Events like this can make for great photos – as they’re often filled with passionate people and signs.  Though I had three lenses in my bag – I stayed with the 70-200 f/4L – aperture priority at f/4 and ISO near 800.  I grabbed just under 600 frames over the 90 minute rally – a lot of them people with signs.

The panorama below was saved by Elements Photomerge.  I often shoot in aperture priority (and when I say “often” – I mean something like 95% of the time).  Well, in the midst of shooting from the corner of the stage – I see this probable panoramic photo in front of me – and I start grabbing frames.  I get home – and rats! – camera (of course) was in aperture priority – and, in turn, the shutter speed varies from frame-to-frame.  All I have to say is that auto blend in Elements Photomerge ironed out my oversight.

If you were there (or if you weren’t) – I’d like to hear from you – feel free to post a comment below.50 Million Lost - low res-3

10 thoughts on “50 Million Lost Rally: Portland, OR”

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for the wonderful pics and post. We are so excited and amazed over the event. I hope it was an encouraging and challenging time for everyone.

    Here is a list of the speakers for you:
    Archbiship John Vlazny
    Dr. Frank Rosenbloom, President Oregon Right to Life
    Esther Ripplinger, Founder Oregon Silent No More
    Beth Chase, Western Director National Institute of Family And Life Advocates
    Keri Shore, Director Gresham Pregnancy Center
    Jennifer Salame
    Rep. Sherrie Sprenger
    Dale Ebel, Pastor Rolling Hills Community Church


  2. I’m with the band that played at the rally Sunday. We’re called the Portland Praise Band. It was a great event and a tremendous statement for life and God’s mercy and grace for all of us. Got any pics of the band?


  3. Thanks for the coverage of this event. Pictures are great. I have to wonder where you got your clear blue sky, seemed to me it never stopped raining. I saw a colorful picture by someone else full of umbrellas.

    I would be surprised if any of the photographers were from the Oregonian, as I will be equally surprised if they cover the event at all.

    Thanks again.


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