The Svens

The Svens - 13 December 2008 - low res-2 The Svens are a local surf band from Corvallis, OR playing in the genre of The Ventures.  And, in between songs, they read cowboy poetry.  Seriously – I’m not clever enough to make this stuff up.   OK – maybe it’s not exactly cowboy poetry – it’s The Svens - 13 December 2008 - low res-6more cowboy story telling – an ongoing saga that is told in one hour installments – the length of one show.  On Saturday, 13 December – at Bombs Away Cafe – The Svens brought those heavy surf riffs and tales of Yukon gold to a pretty full house.  And a few times, they broke out part time lead singer, Scott.  If you missed this last show – pick up the CD – the price will be worth the surf influenced White Wedding with him anchoring those Idol-esque vocals (I’m making an assumption here that this track will make it into the final recording).  The Svens - 13 December 2008 - low res-9Story teller and lead guitar, “Viking” – is quite good – and there’s a Sven on bass, saxophone, rhythm guitar, and drums to round out the band.

The story telling is vivid and entertaining and just campy enough to be a bit witty.  After each live performance – the band jumps into the studio – gets the whole episode / play list recorded – and then moves on.  If you miss an episode (performance) – just pick up the CD at the next show – and you’re caught up!

The Svens - 13 December 2008 - low resThe Svens, to date, have been without a website, without a mailing list, and without a MySpace page to listen to their latest tracks.  But, you can find out a bit more about them here – and listen to one song and some story telling here.  This is musician Rob Birdwell’s blog – a.k.a. Sven on the saxophone.

The Svens - 13 December 2008 - low res-4As for Bombs Away – the lighting, arguably, was worse than the Valleri and Andrea show.  But, as oddly as this sounds, it was easier to shoot with less options.  And this time, I did pack that 50mm f/1.8.  Pulled it out towards the end of the show – and I’m glad I had it to complement the 24mm f/2.8.  And the 50D?  Wonderful with the low light.  I was shooting at ISO 1600 or ISO 2000 all night.  As Will commented (a.k.a. Sven on bass) – “it’s like shooting from inside a dim rainbow…”  For a few shots – I played to the noise a bit (and maybe even coaxed it out) – but the rest – I was able to clean up much of it with a little slider in Ligthtroom.

Bottom line – if you’re in Corvallis, check out the Bombs Away calendar for their next gig (31 January) – drop on in for some vintage tunes and hear tales of high drama and action with the Marshall, the Blacksmith, and Mary, all from Drake, Missouri.

Update (8 March 2009): The Svens now have their own home on the web.  Go check ’em out.

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