50D + Lightroom 2 = Noise?

“What the…?”

“OK – maybe there’s a knob to turn in LR2…”

“OK – maybe the camera was dropped in shipping…”

And then I started to rip through Scott’s LR2 book looking for answers. 

“Camera profiles… beta… Adobe labs website…” 

It wasn’t looking good for the home team. 

(Note: Speaking of the home team – the Blazers just got beat at the buzzer tonight by the Magic… rats.)

“Download and install camera profiles from Adobe Labs.”

Look at photos one more time.  “Whew!  That was a close one…”

So, what happened here? 

Uploaded a bunch of raw (CR2) “family goes hunting for Christmas trees” photos followed by raw (CR2) “family assembles captured Christmas tree” photos – followed by “Hey, wait a minute!  What’s up with that noise!  The 20D never did that.  Isn’t the 50D supposed to be better than the 20D?  What the…?  Doggone it.”

Then out came Kelby’s book and some DPReview forum hopping and a download of beta 2 camera profiles from Adobe and faster than Emeril can say “BAM!” – photos were looking better.

Also, note, I had previously updated LR2 to 2.1 (by the way – I kept seeing references to a 2.2 in December…) – but the beta profiles didn’t upload with the update.  You have to go get those yourself. 

Oh, and if you have Scott’s book – his images show the model number of his camera (pg. 212) – according to Adobe’s FAQ – newer versions went away from this (if I’m reading this correctly):

Are the new profiles camera-specific?

Yes. Every profile that we build is camera-specific. Even the older profiles (e.g., ACR 3.3, ACR 4.4) are camera-specific. In fact, the profile menu in CR/LR will only show profiles for your camera. Note that the profiles you see in the profile menu do not include the camera’s model name (e.g., Canon EOS 40D). This is intentional (for several reasons).

So, if you’re a 50D shooter and a LR2.1 user – save yourself some anxiety and go get those beta profiles.

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