Great Oregon Steam Up

steam up - low res blog-5Steam engines and old tractors – it’s either something you want to go shoot or you simply have no interest.  I just happen to be one of the photogs that puts this event on my summer shooting calendar.  The annual Great Oregon Steam-Up is held in Salem, Oregon and hosts steam engines, vintage tractors, fire trucks, and a few cars.

steam up - low res blog-3 I tend to pack the 70-200mm for this event, shoot mostly at f/4 (on aperture priority), and just wander around and take photos.  Morning is nice as the steam engines are just starting up for the day – and the crowds are a bit lighter. 

With steam engines, I tend to frame steam, pipes, gears, dials, and moving parts.  With old tractors it’s lights, gauges, grills, and logos.  With the fire trucks, it could be a lot of things – but I still haven’t found my groove yet with the old fire trucks.  Guess I’ll have to go back next year and try again…

steam up - low res blog-1If you’re in Oregon – and old metal is your thing – this is a great event.  Tickets are reasonable and can be bought at the gate.

steam up - low res blog-2

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