Blog Bits

OK – on a semi-regular basis I’ll try to include a post on what I’m finding around the web.

  • Some call it “computational photography” – and the rest of us call it HDR and stitching panoramas – regardless, this is a pretty interesting article.
  • Michael Clark’s Fall photography newsletter is posted on his website (for all of us not on his distribution list).  I really like his stuff.  As for getting on his distribution list – it’s pretty easy – I’m just lazy.
  • Wired Magazine has their Christmas wish list posted – and it has the Voodoo Envy 133.  Hey, it’s still less expensive than a Canon 5D Mk II…
  • While we’re talking Wired Magazine – check out this homemade lens case.  For the non-photo bag toting photogs out there (and you know who you are…) – this is kinda cool.  I have to admit – probably my favorite street bag (right now) is a Patagonia sling bag that is no longer in their lineup.  It doesn’t look like a photo bag – has room for a travel book and map, a trinket or two, and the clutter of batteries, memory cards, polarizer, and Gorillapod.
  • Found this via Rob GalbraithThe Fighting Bull – great photo story – check it out.
  • From a blog I just stumbled onto – Editorial Photographers –  On Chaos, Fear, Survival & Luck: Longevity is the Answer.
  • And, rounding out the list are 5 Tips for Travel with Only One Lens from dPS.

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