CVHS vs. CHS Alumni Game

CV vs CHS alumni game 2008 - low res-4Thanksgiving weekend – time for the annual Crescent Valley HS vs. Corvallis HS alumni Ultimate Frisbee game.  This year’s game was a lopsided win for Tribe (CV) with its deep sideline that even included a few current players.

 And just in time for the game, the new 50D arrived.  So, I slapped on the 70-200 f/4L and put it through a few drills.  First impressions vs. the 20D it replaces? 

  1. The 6.3 fps is noticeably faster than the 5fps of the 20D.
  2.  CV vs CHS alumni game 2008 - low res-8The shutter is very quiet when compared to the 20D.
  3.  There are more custom options on the 50D – and I was trying to dial a few of them in.  One of the new ones (to me) that I put to task straight away was the “Focus Search off” – which I think helped keep the lens mostly behaved when some of my long shots were off focus.  The Canon manual describes it like this: “Prevents the camera from becoming grossly out of focus as it attempts to focus again.  Especially convenient with super telephoto lenses which can become extremely out of focus.”
  4.  CV vs CHS alumni game 2008 - low res-7Large LCD on the back rocks.  If you’ve never shot a 20D for an extended time – this may not phase you.  But it was easy to show folks on the sideline the occasional framed bid – and it was easier to glance at the histogram between shots.
  5. CV vs CHS alumni game 2008 - low res-9Maybe / maybe not – but I’m thinking the reds were coming off the camera just a bit “hot”.  Prior to the shoot – I dialed back the contrast and color saturation to -1 (I like neutral pics off the camera).  I may nudge the color saturation to -2.CV vs CHS alumni game 2008 - low res-6

 Attached are a few images from the game.  Nothing too impressive – but I’m persuaded that’s my fault.  The rest of the gallery can be found here.

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