20 Photography Gifts Under $100

snow windmill-1Doggone it – wouldn’t you know it – just as I started to sketch out this cool idea for compiling a list of 20 gifts under $100 – Scott, of Scott Kelby, released his 3rd Annual Gonzo Holiday Gear Guide.  Well, go check his out, too – but, keep in mind, he has things like a Canon 5D MkII in there – which is likely not a stocking stuffer in my house.

So, without delay (and in no particular order) – here’s Camera 47’s 1st Annual 20 Photography Gifts Under $100 for your all-too-good-this-year photographer:

  1. The Moment It Clicks by Joe McNally: $33
  2. Kelby’s Digital Photography Boxed Set ( Volumes 1&2): $27
  3. Best Business Practices for Photographers by John Harrington: $20
  4. Gorillapod SLR-Zoom(I’m thinking DSLR’s – but there are smaller sizes…): $50
  5. Lowepro SlingShot 200AWgeneral all-purpose bag for a small kit: $90
  6. HonlPhoto Snoot: $25
  7. Subscription to Outdoor Photographer: $15
  8. Subscription to Popular Photography: $14
  9. Subscription to Shutterbug: $18
  10. Subscription to Make (hey, wait, how did that make the list?): $35
  11. Photojojo’s Secret Spy Lens: $50
  12. Refurbished iPod Nano 8GBcuz every photographer needs to chill on occasion: $99
  13. Kata E-702 Elements Cover (for the rain): $40
  14. Holga camera (OK – it’s film – but it’s cool): $28
  15. Leatherman Squirt P4 Multi-Toolsmall and compact tool for the bag – just don’t forget about it before boarding the  plane – or it’ll be on your list for next year, too: $40
  16. Ball cap from favorite team. $35
  17. Blackrapid camera strap: $44-$56
  18. RMSP weekend courseOK – this breaks the $100 barrier – but for newer photographers – this is a great series of classes: $179
  19. Small 11 LED flashlight: $12
  20. Comfortable, all-terrain Chaco sandals: $95

There you go.  And if you’re photographer has all of this (or wants none of it) – no worries – get ’em a ukulele!


Update (Dec 2009): For folks looking for the 2nd Annual 20 Photography Gifts Under $100 – you can find it here.

18 thoughts on “20 Photography Gifts Under $100”

  1. Defnitely second the LowePro Slingshot bag. I have the Slingshot 150 and have not left my house without it since I bought it a month ago.

    I have never been comfortable wearing a backpack but I barely know this one is on.

    Gorilla Pod is a good one too.


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