Err 99

Cold Turkey - low res for blog-1The dreaded Err 99.  If you’re a Canon shooter – you know exactly what I’m talking about.  And, for the most part, the photog typically misses one shot – turns the camera off – pops the battery out – pops battery back in – power back on – and it just took more time and calories to type about it than to actually do the whole process.  And, somewhere in the middle, there’s a semi-firm clinched jaw.

It’s something we Canon people know something about.  Not a big deal, right?

Well, this last weekend, in the middle of Cold Turkey 2008, after the second down pour of the day, I got it.  No worries …  just repeat above paragraph.

Another frame … and Err 99.  “Weird – that’s never happened before.”  Repeat paragraph 1.  And another Err 99.  Repeat paragraph 1 … about 20 times.  OK – something’s up. 

Cold Turkey - low res for blog-2Put camera away.  Sun comes through the clouds to shine a light that only a late afternoon in early November between rain storms can shine.  Stunning light.  Yeah – I’m talking that light.  And the camera is in the bag with Err 99.  And the action went up a notch.  A bid here – big jump there – D there.  And the camera is in the bag.  “I guess there’s nothing left to do but to actually sit on a sideline and coach.”

“Maybe if it dries out a bit.”  Fast forward 3 days.  Dry camera.  Shooting in the back of a seminar at the day job.  A dozen shots later – Err 99.  Repeat paragraph 1.  And, yep, you guessed it, repeat paragraph 1. 

Possible scenarios: (1) this 20D shutter has something like 70-80,000 shots on it.  Maybe this is a slow shutter failure.  (2) I’ve tried a couple of different lenses and at least two different memory cards to see if it was just something funky.  No such signal.  (3) Moisture?  It should be pretty dry now – and it does have some protection from the weather.

Right now, I can get it to limp out a shot or two if I don’t push it hard.

The 50D just dropped in price by $200.  Maybe the DPReview had something to do with it or maybe it has something to do with the economy.  I don’t know – but the camera has only been out a month.  Nonetheless – it’s on my short list.   I’d consider the 5D Mark II – but it only shoots 3 fps – and I shoot a lot of action. 

And, as you may have guessed, I don’t have a backup camera – unless of course you count the Rebel G in the closet – or the GIII rangefinder.

Film?  Dang – I haven’t shot a role of film in over 4 years.

Please tell us what you think.

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