Pumpkin Patch

rubber duck 1 - low res for blog-1 Today we went to Heavenly Harvest for their hay rides, rubber duck races, corn maze, and BBQ.  And, yes, the BBQ was good – the guy’s website is here.

As for Heavenly Harvest – they have a great little farm (50+ acres) half way between Corvallis and Albany and right now, all month long, is their annual Harvest Festival.  In addition to the activities listed above, they also have the pneumatic corn launcher, a large rubber-banded apple chucker, and a hay bale maze for the small ones.

During our low-60’s and intermittent rain on the hay ride – I spied this truck off to the side.  I cranked the ISO to 800 to get a fast enough shutter speed (shooting aperture priority @ f/4) to compensate for the long lens, gray skies, wagon travel, and bumps in the road.  After that, just a bit of crop, and lots of futz – and here’s a quick image to share from the adventure. 

If you’re in the area, Muddy Creek corn maze is also a heck of a lot of fun and worth the trip if you don’t have little, little kids.old truck 1 - low res for blog-1

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