Photographic Experimentation

Digital makes trying new ideas a heck of a lot less expensive than it was in those film days.  Speaking of film – after some photo-centric conversation in the office today – I realized I haven’t shot a role of film since early 2004.

But do you think I’ve rid my closet of just one of my film cameras?  Nope.  They’re still there – collecting dust – including my favorite Canon GIII rangefinder.  It’s just cool.  And that 40mm f/1.7…  the stuff dreams are made from.  I’m waiting for the day when someone releases a kit to convert your favorite old film camera to digital… If you hear of anything, let me know.

OK – back to digital and experimentation.  Go for it.  Got an idea that’s not morally or legally wrong that doesn’t put others (or yourself) in harm’s way?  Try it.

While in Barcelona in early 2007 – I was shooting at night on Las Ramblas.  Setting the camera to manual mode with a fixed 24mm lens (ISO 800, f/3.5, 1/30 second) –  and while I walked – with a normal(ish) swing of my arm – I  just fired off some shots (“from the hip”) not knowing what I might get.  Below is one of those images after a bit of crop and minor exposure adjustment.

And, remember, don’t be surprised if you get absolutely nothing that works.  It’s OK.  Throw those bits out and try again at your next shoot. 

las ramblas 1 - low res

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