Joshua Tree

joshua tree - low res - more blog-4 As I mentioned in a previous post – I was in Palm Springs for the day job about a year ago.  With a brief break in the middle of the trip – I sped to Joshua Tree to snap some shots.  It was one of those days that – even if another photographer were tagging along – s/he probably wouldn’t have enjoyed the day with me.  Let’s just say that I can get a little “absorbed” when I do things like this.

Tools: the 20D, 24mm f/2.8, a circular polarizer, James Kaiser’s book “Joshua Tree: The Complete Guide”, and the NG Trails Illustrated map for Joshua Tree National Park.  joshua tree - low res - more blog-1Probably didn’t need the NG map – as maps are available at the ranger station – but NG maps are fun to have.

Agenda: (1) up early (2) coffee (3) drive to Joshua Tree (4) get info from ranger station (5) drive (6) stop (7) take pictures (8) repeat #5-6-7 about 10 times (9) drive-thru at McD’s in 29 Palms, (10) hike/scramble into Rattle Snake Canyon (11) repeat #5-6-7 a bunch more times (12) leave at dark.

Seriously.  Lots of pictures.  It was a great destination.

And herein is the challenge.  Most everyone has (or had) the U2 album (CD) and has a picture of Joshua Tree in their head.  Photog says to self: “give them something new and compelling.”  joshua tree - low res - more blog-5Photog reminds self not to make jokes like that while drinking hot coffee…

Now the second conversation Photog has with self: “give them something new and compelling – oh, and make it a cactus…”.

Third conversation Photog has with self as he scrambles over another boulder:  “I bet this is named Rattlesnake Canyon for a reason…”

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