Photokina 2008: Cool Stuff

First, my apologies for the gap in postings.  Between technical difficulties and schedule, the blog has been neglected this last week.  To get it rolling again, let’s talk Photokina 2008.

This once-every-two-year event came with some big announcements.  Now, to be perfectly honest, I’m a big gadget fan – and no one really covered gadgets all that well.  One of these years, maybe I’ll get the chance to fly over and tell ya’ all about it first hand.

That said – a top 10 of “cool stuff”:

10. Gorillapod, from Joby, has a new flexible tripod.  It’s bigger than their DSLR version and looks to intro near $149 – it’s reported to be able to hold up to 11lbs.  I’ve been carrying their SLR-Zoom for a bit over a year – and it’s a great tool.  If 6.6lbs of carrying capacity won’t do it for you – this yet larger G-pod may be for you.

9. Nikon D90.  You Nikon fans are going to tell me this is way too low on the radar.  I’m OK with that.  Specs: 12.3MP and that crazy 720p movie mode.  At only $1200 (body only) – this could be fun.

8. Lens Babies.  Haven’t yet found a soft spot for them – until maybe now with the Composer – has flexibility and you can add a pinhole to it.  Yes – OK – I have to admit – that’s what really intrigued me – the pinhole. 

7. Lowepro bags with more than 95% recycled materials.  Gotta like it.

6. Joby GPS.  This was announced a while ago – but has yet to make it to market.  They say it’s here this time.  We’re waiting…

5. Fuji 3D.  I like stereo photography.  And Fuji, I think, figured out the real contribution of stereo cameras in the digital age.  Apparently, this camera could have up to four modes: (1) stereo (2) one lens could be set to a wide angle – the other to zoom with simultaneous image capture (3) HDR – a different image setting on each lens and (4) one lens could capture images while the other captures video.  Furthermore, it looks like it will be in a P&S form factor.  If this is near the $500 mark – we could have stereo for the masses.

4. Panasonic G1.  Won’t bore you with yet more on this cool little camera – but the fact that they’re already talking about incorporating video into the line has me intrigued.

3. Olympus four thirds prototype.  Yeah – OK, so Panasonic has the goods ready to go – and I think it’s likely good stuff – but what’s up with the mini-DSLR look?  Chris and I were chatting about the potential of this new format  – and our thoughts really centered on form factor – something that had a rangefinder sort of look – and – wouldn’t you know it – Olympus mocked up our thoughts.  Dig the retro.

2. Canon 50D.  My next camera?

1. Canon 5D Mark II.  If I were a wedding photographer – I’d be trying to figure out how to get this in my bag.

Do you disagree?  Agree?  Wish it were a top 11 list?  Let me know.

Please tell us what you think.

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