Micro Four Thirds is Here (sort of…)

Yes – everyone is talking up Panasonic’s announcement today of the new G1 and it’s two new lenses.  I haven’t yet found images posted that were actually captured with the G1 (yet) – but we’ll likely get those soon, too.

While we wait for official pricing (<$800 with a kit lens?) – here are a bunch of links to shake a stick at.  The DPReview link has some hands on specs – worth the read if you think you’re interested.  My take?  If you want more than a point & shoot – but are a little shy about going full chalupa on a DSLR – this deserves some consideration.

Right now, only two “micro four thirds” lenses (both zooms) – but there appears to be an adaptor to let you use the full line of four thirds lenses already on the market.  Panasonic is already talking about future lenses (for 2009) – and, apparently, a future camera that will likely shoot HD video (something similar to the new Nikon D90).





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