Michelle Smith Harper: Roads End

mcihelle - low res - blog-1

Photography blog.  Yes.  Music review blog.  No.

But, hey, Michelle is a friend – and her great new album, Roads End, was just released. 

Warning – this isn’t one of those unbiased / technical music reviews.  Sorry, won’t happen.  She could probably release an album of Journey covers only using a washboard and rusty spoons – and I’d probably review it favorably.

Bottom line – this is just an announcement that you can find her groovy new CD here.  Check it out.

joshua tree - low res - blog-1Now, I know Michelle has been in the studio for awhile on this one.  And then something bad happened – like all the masters melted or were buried in macaroni & cheese or something.  Whatever it was – it was bad.  And Michelle went back into the studio to get her tracks down (again).

Her previous releases were a lot of her and her guitar.  In contrast – this album has more backup band – giving her less “folk singer” – and replacing it with some blues-like-stuff + a hint of country at times + some mellow-rock-sorta- riffs.

Told you reviewing music wasn’t my gig.

The images on her latest release came from a day shoot at Joshua Tree.  joshua tree - low res - blog-2I happened to be in Palm Springs for my real job, and with a little time in the middle of the week long trip, I took the little blue rental care out on a drive.  If you haven’t been out there before – you might consider adding it to your “list”.  It’s on my other “list” to review the Joshua Tree stuff another time here on the blog – so, little detail now.  And, yes, you guessed it, simply the 20D, the 24mm f/2.8, and a circular polarizer.

Please tell us what you think.

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