So, what’s up with this 50D talk?

First, it’s a bit of tradition to fill the forums with pre-Photokina dreaming.  It’s typically a bunch of he said / she said…  Blah, blah, blah – and most of it isn’t worth the bits it’s typed on.

So, if it’s typically worthless mumbo-jumbo, why am I adding to it?  Good question.  Maybe I should leave it well alone – but – I kinda like these gear trends and this 50D talk has me interested.  See, the 20D I’ve been toting for some 70,000+ images is a good candidate for “back up” camera.  The projected 50D would likely be my next major DSLR purchase. 

If my trend mapping is correct (wild forum claims aside) – the 50D would sport more than or equal to 12MP, 7fps, ISO6400 with better noise management – along with the other spiffy stuff in that Canon mid-line, including sensor dust removal, big screen on the back (some think the 50D might go OLED – interesting, but I’m not sure), large image buffer (good when shooting bull riding for  8 seconds with the hammer down), and some weather / dust durability.  That alone would be well worth my upgrade – but, then again, I’m shooting 4 year old gear.

But caution – this is all speculation.  The forums might have you dreaming 15MP, 9fps, OLED screen, Digic IV processor, and free unleaded gas for life.

The subtle part of this conversation points to Canon’s replacement cycle – typically 18 months in this mid-line (10D, 20D, 30D, 40D).  So, what trends here suggest a change in course by Canon?  Well, for starters, Nikon has been impressive lately – and many see the D300 as the little brother to the D3 (rightfully so) – and that D3 appears to be impressive.  The 40D also has recently dropped below $1000 at some retailers – a price point the 30D didn’t hit until just before the 40D announcement.  But, to be fair, the 40D started $100 less than the 30D at product introduction.

Add that to the fact that Photokina is a big show – only taking place once every two years and Canon, one might imagine, would like to make a splash (as would everyone else).

Regardless, let’s say the hunches are just that – and no more.  No worries – PMA is just around the corner – and that would line up with the expected replacement cycle.  And before you know it – the forums will fill with pre-PMA chatter…

Please tell us what you think.

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