More from 2008 daVinci Days

In addition to Friday night at the main stage, I spent time with the Frisbee chasing dogs on Saturday morning plus I took some time to just walk around and look for images. 

The kinetic sculpture race is a highlight for a lot of folks.  Bottom line: teams design a human powered machine that can race down the road, tackle a sand pile, slosh through knee deep mud, and float down a river.  But note – just adding floats to your mountain bike isn’t going to win it for you – teams will need art and a lot of fun (think songs, trading cards, etc.).  For years, the Calastoga folks (yep, the folks who bring you bottled water) have brought the coolest racing sculptures you can imagine – and this year was no disappointment.  Their fire-breathing, rolling dragon was a work of art. 

The disc dogs are always fun to watch.  I’ve been shooting this event for three years now – and, I have to say, I cheat just a bit when I’m out there.  In all honesty, it’s much easier to take pictures of really fast small jumping dogs when they’re running straight at you, rather than panning them from the side.   With a head-on shot – even if the dog veers to the side – I’ve found it easier to create reasonable images.

The Electrathon is pretty cool.  It’s a timed, hobby electric car race around a closed track.  Friday night, I couldn’t find a parking spot close to the grounds (it’s essentially neighborhood parking) – and was forced to park a few blocks further than I was hoping.  Well, it happened that while I was walking towards the main stage, I stumbled onto a corner of the electrathon course.  At that corner, I was watching cars drive straight towards me with the sun at my back – ideal photo conditions.  Pulled out my camera – grabbed a few shots – and continued on to the shoot with Laura – and eventually, later in the night, Beau Soleil avec Michael Doucet.

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