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The 2011 Worldwide Photowalk – from Corvallis, Oregon

2011 Worldwide Photowalk - Corvallis-6On Saturday morning we had about 20 photo walkers join the 2011 Worldwide Photowalk here in Corvallis.  We met first thing down at New Morning Bakery – and shortly after 8AM – we were in route to the Farmers’ Market – where I think much of the group spent most of the morning.

The weather forecast was a bit uncertain – but thankfully – the rain stayed away until long after our walk.

2011 Worldwide Photowalk - Corvallis-2 At around 10AM – the group reconvened back at New Morning Bakery for a bit of story telling and image sharing (and some of that great New Morning food!)

To be honest – I’m really looking forward to seeing the photos from folks – this was a great group with a lot of talent.

For the morning – I traveled pretty light – shooting with just the 50D while splitting my time between the Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 IS and the new Lensbaby Sweet Optic 35.  I’ll try to get a full review of that Lensababy optic posted soon – but I’ll just let you know now – it has become my favorite LB optic to date.

2011 Worldwide Photowalk - Corvallis-3

If you want to read updates from two other Corvallis photo walkers – check out these posts:

  • You’ll dig this one – not only was Kat out shooting some great photos – but she was out shooting color wheel combos.  Seriously.  Triadic schemes.  Check out her post here.
  • And Helen has already posted a slideshow of colorful photos from the market on her blog  here.

And I think it’s still a bit empty – but check out the Corvallis group’s Flickr page from the 2011 Worldwide Photowalk (hopefully more photos will be added soon).

Did you join a photowalk this weekend?  If so – let us know how it went – and please leave us a link to your photos in the comments.


11 Tips for your next Photowalk

photo walk foto-1 OK – last week I shared links to 7 sites that talked all about photo walking – as part of the count down to the Worldwide Photowalk on 1 October.

So – today – I thought I’d share my top 11 tips for photowalks.

How is this list better?  Well – first – it’s not better – just a bit different – and  it’s likely a bit more specific to the Pacific NW (e.g. “in case it rains”).

And this one goes to 11!  :)

So – in no particular order – here you go:

  1. Go light on the gear – and consider only bringing along one or two lenses.  Why?  Well – first – you’re walking.  The more gear in your pack – the more you’re carrying.   Second – the more options you have – the more you’ll keep thinking about gear choices – and less on making compelling photos.  And third – typically these sorts of walks are often only a couple of hours long.  The more you’re futzing with gear – the less you’re clicking.
  2. Leave the tripod at home.  Why?  Cuz if you have it along – you have to carry it.  Second – if you’re shooting in a crowded environment – it’s likely to get in the way.  Third – the more your futzing with gear…
  3. Safety.  It’s pretty easy to get distracted by the moment and sort of forget where you’re at when you’re walking around with your eye in the viewfinder.  Not only are there cars – but there are sidewalks that you can awkwardly step (fall) from – or even other people to bump into.  I haven’t even yet mentioned hanging plants, bicyclists, and people who don’t want their photo snapped…
  4. Water is important.  Please have a bottle in your bag.
  5. Dress in layers for the weather.  It may rain – or it may get warmer – or cooler – or the wind might pick up.
  6. For that walk that might see rain – keep shooting by having some Op Tech Rainsleeves stashed in your bag.  They’re lightweight and inexpensive – take next to no room in your bag – and some of the best photos can be found in bad weather.
  7. Comfortable shoes – cuz you’re walking.
  8. Extra batteries and extra memory cards.  It’s much easier to have extras on hand than to miss the photo.
  9. Small snack.  Lately I’ve been digging the Clif Mojo bars.  Mountain Mix.
  10. Small notebook and pen – often something will come up that you’ll want to remember later.
  11. Talk to other folks in the group.  There’s likely a wide range of talent in your group.  If you’re looking for tips and insights – often you just need to ask.  And if you’re more experienced – share your best with folks that ask.

So – there you go – 11!  Have any more that you think should be on the list?  Just add them below.


And – just in case you’re curious about the stuff in my camera bag– you can check out my list of 7 Not-so-Obvious “Necessities”.

7 Resources for Tips on Photowalks

parking meter 1a - low res This post is for all of the folks who every now and then find themselves walking around with a camera.

So – in no particular order – here are some resources to help you with your next strolling gig:

Corvallis Photo Walk and Photographing at the Farmers’ Market

photowalk300x250Well – on 1 October – in less than two weeks – it’ll be Worldwide Photo Walk day.  If you’re looking for more details on a walk near you – look here – and if you want to know more about the Corvallis walk – check here for more details.

At the time of this post – there were over 1,000 locations worldwide – and almost 20,000 registered photo walkers.

Again – the cool part about this walk is that regardless of your skill level – you’re welcome! Snap photos with your cell phone?  Find a walk!  Compose images and regularly hang your stuff in galleries? Come on out!  You only take photos of your kids running around with your point & shoot – and occasionally on holidays?  Seriously – what are you doing on 1 October?

This year – the Corvallis walk will include some of the early hours of the farmers’ market.  And so, even if you’re not in Corvallis – hopefully you’ll dig this article I recently read from ePhotoZine on shooting at the market.

And just for a bit of inspiration / brainstorming / thinking through what you might find at a market – here are a few galleries for you to flip through.  Enjoy!

More Hasselblad-to-EOS Tilt Adapter – this time at 50mm

Previously I wrote about the Hasselblad-to-EOS tilt adapter with the 80 f/2.8.  Brilliant glass – and a lot of fun – just a bit long.    So – I began scanning the pages of KEH – hoping to find a good bargain on a 50mm Hasselblad lens (anything wider than 50mm is quite expensive – especially for as often that I’d use the glass).

And pretty quickly – I found another “Bargain” lens.

After it arrived – I took it out for a morning shoot just to see how the whole combination worked.  And generally – I’d have to say – I liked it.

Of course – it’s Hasselblad glass.  And – if you haven’t yet had a chance to shoot with some of this old glass – it’s just fun.  I also liked the 50mm focal length – and the price was great.  However – after a bit of time with the lens – it became evident that this one had a rough spot in the focus ring – so – with some reluctance – I returned it.  Of course – KEH has been great throughout the process – and I look forward to working with them again.  I imagine they didn’t even know about the focus ring on this one before sending it out.  Heck – it wasn’t until I was already in the field shooting that I stumbled onto it.

But – as I had the lens out and about – here are a few of the images from it coupled to the Hasselblad tilt adapter on a Canon 50D.  Nothing here for the walls – but hopefully an idea of how it performed.


tilt 50mm test - sept 2011 - low res-4tilt 50mm test - sept 2011 - low res-5

tilt 50mm test - sept 2011 - low res-3

tilt 50mm test - sept 2011 - low res-6

The 4th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk is on the Way!

PrintSo – it’s the 4th Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk – and as of the time of this post – there were more than 850 locations around the globe – with more than 15,000 registered photo walkers.

So – if hanging out with a group of photographers for a few hours sounds like a great way to spend part of your weekend – check out the website.  The really cool thing about this event – it’s free – and it’s for all skill levels.

Hopefully – I’ll have details on the Corvallis walk posted here soon.  But – if you can’t wait until then – you can find more details here.

Here’s the official press release.



Scott Kelby Announces the Fourth Annual Worldwide Photo Walk

The Largest Global Social Event for Photographers

TAMPA, FL – August 24, 2011 – On Saturday, October 1 and Sunday, October 2, the whole world will be walking again with Scott Kelby, president of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) and #1 bestselling computer and technology book author, in his Fourth Annual Worldwide Photo Walk™ — the world’s largest global social photography event in the history of photography.

This year, the Photo Walk will take place over two days in October giving more photographers from around the world a chance to participate. In 2010, more than 30,000 photographers walked in over 1,000 locations taking 6 million images in just one day. We anticipate that this year’s Photo Walk will be one of our biggest events.

The Photo Walk is free and open to anyone who owns a camera. More Photo Walk details are available at: or visit the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk Facebook page.

The 2011 Photo Walk is co-sponsored by Adobe. Additional sponsors include Wescott,, NAPP, Peachpit, Mpix, Wacom, Manfrotto, onOne Software, Tamron, Tiffen and B&H.

About NAPP
The National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) is a dynamic trade association and the world’s leading resource for Adobe® Photoshop® and Photoshop® Lightroom® training, news, and education. An award-winning team of Photoshop and photography experts, authors, consultants, and trainers lead the association – keeping its members on the cutting edge of Photoshop, Lightroom, and photography techniques and technology. With 72,000 members in 106 countries, NAPP is the largest digital imaging and graphics association worldwide. Visit for more information.

Green Heron Fledgling

bike ride and green heron-22On Saturday – we went down to Willamette Park as a family to enjoy the much improved Oregon weather.  And while my daughter was climbing on the playground equipment – my wife noticed this green heron fledgling standing right there next to us.

It seemed a bit young to be without a mom or a nest (though –s/he looked quite healthy) – and before we left – the kind folks from the Chintimini Wildlife Rehabilitation Center came to tend to it.

Fortunately, for a bit, I had some great light.


bike ride and green heron-20

bike ride and green heron-19bike ride and green heron-23