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5th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk: Corvallis, Oregon

IMG_20120808_191102Hi all – Scott Kelby has just announced his 5th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk – happening on Saturday 13 October 2012.  This year, the Corvallis, OR walk will be at the new Japanese-style garden, Garden of Gentle Breeze.

The owner of the property has kindly given our group private access to the gardens during the time of the walk.

For all of the Corvallis walk details – hit the link.  If you’re looking for general Worldwide Photo Walk details (and possibly for a walk near you) –here’s the link to get you started.

The Instagram photos are from my scouting visit. IMG_20120808_191601IMG_20120809_000118IMG_20120808_190822 IMG_20120808_191913

Friday Fone Foto

Not sure if this photo has much story – except that it has some nice visual appeal and texture.  That said – this was taken during lunch at the great little hot dog place in downtown Corvallis – Street Dogs.  I’m a fan of The Stray.

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