Photos from Uganda: #3

My first day in Uganda – the group I traveled with took a side trip to the headwaters of the Nile River at Lake Victoria – that included a boat ride / tour.

I took a lot of photos – but I kept coming back to the ones of the fishermen.

As for the top image – simply great light.

fishing-2 fishing-1


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5 responses to “Photos from Uganda: #3

  1. Very beautiful shoot!! My brother loves it too:)

  2. Isabella

    Gorgeous x

  3. jonesoliver

    Thanks, all. I simply had some great light on this particular afternoon for the top photo. And for the second photo – I was fortunate to be shooting from another boat which gave me a great angle.

  4. Thanks for these cool pics. I like them.

  5. In Jinja – one of Uganda’s biggest town & former industrial district, the Nile begins its 6,500km journey north. Read More….
    These photos are awesome. I like them too

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